Youth Centre

About Us

Our Mission:

The Dove Foundation’s Youth Center is a safe space where young people coming from socially excluded groups (LGBT, PLHIV, Young Key Affected population) thrive as healthy, equal and complete members of society.

Our Values:

  • Respect: We provide an environment where individuality is seen as strength and all people are treated with fairness and dignity.

  • Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest standards in all our programs and services, and have committed team members who have passion for helping others.

  • Inclusiveness: We understand and respect the need of having different perspectives and commit ourselves to representation from all members of our diverse community.

  • Integrity: We work together to advance the Center's mission, and we honor and apply these values in what we do and say.


Life Skills Center

Our Youth Center is whole heartedly welcoming Young Persons from diverse backgrounds. If you’re one of the thousands of young people living with HIV, represent the young key affected population lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning young people, having problems of substance abuse, The Dove Foundation’s Center's Youth Center can help.

The FREE Services at our Youth Center include:

Counseling and Support Groups

We offer daily support groups cover to address the diverse needs of LGBT young people.

DVD Day Room

When you just need to take a break, you can enjoy watching a movie or TV show in our day room.

Lending Library

We have a library with an eclectic selection of books that you can borrow or keep.

Computer & FREE Internet Access

Use our computers for high-speed Internet to check your e-mail, look for a job and look up local hangouts.

Dance Room

Bring your CDs and express yourself in our dance room, where you can dance alone or choreograph something with your friends.

Arts & Crafts

If you like to draw, paint, and create, you’ll find the art supplies you need in the art room. Once a week, an art instructor teaches a new art project.

Education Program
HIV testing and counseling Employment program
Recreational activities


The programme sets out to empower young people to make a positive difference to their community through practical actions and projects. Throughout the course of the programme, young people learn the core concepts of leadership and gain skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, self-awareness etc.


Our outreach programs engage young people in their own environment, starting with low key activities and building up to more structured, specific activities as trust and acceptance grows in the community. Our team members co-ordinate and supervise positive diversionary activities in a safe, friendly environment which allows young people to interact, socialise and meet youth workers.


We engage in building capacity of young people to become global advocates towards achievement of sexual and reproductive rights for all youth. Our organization works in collaboration with National, regional & global organizations to develop and deliver information and advocacy skills training to other youth activists. We continuously engage young people in these discussions and workshops who are working at the grassroots and national levels on sexual and reproductive rights issues.

Support Us

The Dove Foundation works on issues of young people relating to their health, livelihood and rights. Your kind contribution ensures that these young people of today receive education, protection and all other conditions required for their transformation into a healthy adult and a good citizen.

We at the Dove Foundation are committed to utilize the proceedings to facilitate response that are timely, at appropriate scale and scope, providing high quality programming, to help the most vulnerable and socially excluded youth.

HOW CAN I JOIN Youth Center?

Its simple as 1,2,3 simply fill in the contact form below with your details and a brief resume of yours our office will contact you. Don’t forget to mention your contact number!


We are located in heart of Varanasi city, at a distance of less than 1 kilometer from Kachehari city center. We can also arrange for a free pick-up just drop us a message.


We are open 7 days a week ! The usual timings are morning 10:00 to 19:00 in the evening.

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We would Love to hear from you, write to us in the postcard below.