The Dove Foundation started Youth Education Program-2011 in January 2011 which is an initiative by The Dove Foundation to strengthen the national health status of India .

YEP-2011 is aimed towards building the knowledge and capacities of the adolescent and the youth towards Life Style Diseases and HIV/AIDS. We are working in partnership with schools for conducting YEP.

Around the world and in Uttar Pradesh, young people face greater health risks than adults, yet are less willing and able to access health services. Young generation is disproportionately represented among those suffering from Life style diseases. Further, youth are more susceptible to HIV for biological and cultural reasons and both young women and men take higher risks in general, including unprotected sex. A number of factors discourage and prevent young people from accessing health services even where they do exist.

YEP is conducted in a very interactive way using Videos, Presentations, Games, Magnet Theater and dissemination of education material.Innovative approaches are being used in YEP to break communication barrier with the young ones. 'Pitara' an IPC tool was devised by The Dove to bring out the questions from the audience which they were not able to state because of fear or stigma or shame or simply lack of will .

Currently through YEP a total of 3000 (approximate) young students were reached and were educated and made aware against Obesity , Life Style Diseases and Hepatitis .In the new academic season beginning from April 2011 the program will be reaching out to more audience in more districts.YEP is an initiative of The Dove without any financial assistance from the Government or any other donor agency.

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